Kirsty Nielsen

“I’m absolutely thrilled with my new smile! My appointments were fast and I was always kept well informed. My braces were removed at exactly the time Mithuna said they would be!”


“Invisalign helped to discretely change the appearance of my teeth and straighten them in an easy process.”

Rozella Borell

“Dr. Mithuna always explained what was going to happen at each check up. This I found very reassuring and informative. I recommend Dr. Mithuna to anyone who is seeking to have their teeth straightened. Dr. Mithuna is extremely competent and strives for “excellence”. The results are exceptional. My daughter, Lindsay, is very pleased with her new smile, and her confidence has increased.”


“Hi Mithuna, Casey Ireland here, everything is going great! The retainer fits perfectly, I got it the day after I got my braces off. Everyone keeps commenting on how straight and perfect my teeth are now, when I saw the pictures in your email I cracked up laughing, they were so bad! Thank you so much for everything and let me know when you want to see me again to check them!.”


“Awesome staff, awesome smile, thank you so much! My daughter’s teeth are now PERFECT!”

Jolene Anthony

“I got braces to bring 2 teeth down that were causing some discomfort. I found it (treatment process) good, my teeth didn’t really take long to straighten and the dentists were friendly. Love it (my smile now)! Thank you. Keep up the good work, that’s all.”

Nicola Dunnery

“…My teeth stuck out. (The treatment process was) good, I didn’t have them for too long. I am very pleased with the service and I love my smile now.”

Anya Hodge

“My teeth were pushing inwards and if I didn’t get them fixed they could start chaffing each other. It (the treatment process) was good, it hurt at times but that’s to be expected when teeth are mocing. I like it (my smile now) much better! After I’ve forgotten what they looked like with out braces! Great! After getting my teeth fixed it looks so much better! I can comfortably smile now!”

Amy Fry

“My top and bottom front teeth were very crowded. I had no problems at all (with the treatment procedure)! (I like my smile now) very much! Thank you. *Extremely professional! *Very polite *Good all-round experience (nice new smile).”

Sumner Elliott-Moore

“Thank you for my beautiful smile”

Kaitlyn Mitchell

“My teeth weren’t straight and I didn’t like it, if I didn’t (get braces) I would have got gum diseases from the crowding. (The treatment process was) great, not much pain. My smile now is amazing! Dr Mithuna is very nice, answers any questions, does an amazing job; couldn’t be happier! Thank you!”

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